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Our 100% customizable real estate software script is accelerating the online property listing and real estate business.

The Meander software may just be customized to create real estate apps that feature the most in-demand home and real estate services available today, including property sales, house and room rentals, auctions, homeowners, brokers, and clients.
Let your real estate development plans come to fruition.
Keep the real estate issue in your wallet. Be a wise user of real estate app services and use our real estate services to boost the graphs of your real estate mobile app development business.

Real Estate Development Solutions

Personalize the Real Estate App

Choose the features and make your plans. Pay just for the features you want.

Online Booking Services

Search, sort, and choose what's best for you. Apps that are simple and quick for reserving the property.

Managing Rental Properties

By selecting a filter, you can rent the property via the app and move one step closer to owning your ideal home.

24 Hour Support

We constantly make room for our users. Our delight is to answer your question and assist you in any manner we can.

Real estate Business model

By shaking hands with NineHertz, you may make client relationships and other solutions easier.

Real Estate Leads

Utilize the organized and simple portals designed by NineHertz to manage the database and many queries.

Property Management

Obtain simple communication with the opposite party and several advantages of simple real estate dealing solutions.

Bidder portals

We provide eye-catching auction and real estate solutions that assist consumers in comparing various properties and selecting the best one for their needs.

Real Estate Management Software Features

Integration of Real Estate Feeds & Mobile Search
Find out the most recent information on the real estate market so you can plan your future investments more effectively.
Google Analytics & In-App Analytics integration
Before purchasing or selling any property, analysis can help you grasp the better market rate and other crucial elements.
Syndication of real estate listings with video and images
View the high-resolution videos and photos to find the kind of property you're looking for. In a moment, settle down and visit the various properties.
Bulk Upload of Real Estate Listings Using the Built-In CSV Feature
It takes time to upload property details one at a time. So, find a simple way to upload several property details at once. Keep your time and effort for other projects.
Calculators for interest rates and currency conversion
Regardless of the nation, you intend to purchase a house in. With the currency converter, we have a solution for properties around the world. This will make it easier for you to acquire or sell real estate in different national currencies.
Alternative for Location-Based Search
Do you have a spot in mind? Deal with the intended location by utilizing the location-based capability. Within a few seconds of selecting the region, you can have the list of properties.
Realtors scheduled
Schedule a meeting with your dealers. Your time is saved, and you stop visiting websites that aren't necessary. Plan a meeting with the dealer or owner of the relevant property.
Push Notifications for Events & Offers Promotion
Don't overlook any real estate updates. Receive the notification by mail or phone. Additionally, let them know about impending specials and fantastic offers.
Turn-by-turn directions are displayed using GPS integration
Finding it difficult to access your site? Use the GPS to get to your location quickly and select the ideal choice for your estate.
Web Admin Panel for Real Estate App Development Services

All users who purchase our specialized Zillow clone or Lexi clone script receive a web admin panel. On the owner’s specially developed real estate application, the admin panel offers total control over all listings, users, and actions.

Property Listing Management

Manage a variety of property, land, and auction listings on your personalized real estate app. Once an admin has authorized a listing, it will be available on the app.

Control Users

Manage the account information for different users registered on your application and prohibit or remove users from it.

Home Owners & Managers

Manage a variety of real estate agents, brokers, and homeowners signing up on your bespoke Trulia or Zillow clone script application.

Notifications To Manage

Track user-to-user conversations on your bespoke real estate application with brokers, agents, and homeowners.

Control Metadata

Manage the metadata gathered on your custom property listing script for analytics or third-party integrations.

Purchase Detailed Insights And Analysis

The property listing software’s analytics dashboard gives administrators granular insights on users, properties, agents, favorites, and marketing/referral efforts based on a variety of variables.

Features of Real Estate App

  • Customer Panel
  • Admin Panel
  • Additional Features

Social Authentication

User registration through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter or email addresses.

Advanced Search feature

Search for properties using different search criteria, such as location and property type. Sort and filter properties based on different search criteria.

Property Listing

Property view can be displayed in List View and Map View in the property listings. The buyer can view the entire property in 3D from the comfort of his own home.

Easy Communication

Get the brokers’ contact information to inquire about the user’s preferred property. Sellers can get in touch with buyers via the inbuild chat feature or inquiry messages.

Add Property as favorite

Under the My favorite tab, users can add the attributes they want.

Synched Calendar & Map

Calendar for synchronizing the searches. Built-in maps to follow the path of the property and get a general sense of where it is.

Push Notification

Users can receive push notifications regarding bargains, offers, real estate alerts, auctions, etc.

Currency Convert

The app’s built-in currency converter can assist with the exchange rates in various currencies so that clients from across the world can access it.

Change a Property

The property can be added or removed at any time by the admin.

Property management

New property lists can be added or removed by the admin.

Control brokers and users

Administrators can manage, edit, add, and update users and brokers using this functionality.

Real-time analytics

This feature allows administrators better access to the defined data patterns that they can use to understand and make informed decisions about their course of action.

Control subscription bundles

The administrator can add, amend, delete, and update the subscription plans.

Observe Reports

The administrator may view reports or requests, including those for buying, selling, or adding properties.

Verify Your Wages

The administrator can examine the overall revenue from real estate transactions.

Using geolocation tags

The user can utilize it to look for properties close to where they are right now.

Calculator for mortgages

If the user borrowed money to buy the house, he or she can use this calculator to quickly determine the monthly EMI they will be responsible for paying.

View in Map

The user can look for homes in his area and location using this tool.


The owner of the app might include educational blogs to teach his users about real estate. This promotes user engagement with the app and the time spent there.


The app’s capacity to display the client’s insightful testimonials improves its dependability and enables users to see genuine reviews.

Social Networking

The app owner can share the properties that are available for rent or sale on social media sites by enabling the social sharing option.

Live Performance

The agent’s live inspection of the property is broadcast to the buyers.

Development & Maintenance of the project

Quality Assurance
Manual and automated testing skills for customer satisfaction
Risk Management
Help the project to remain on track and meet customer goals.
Product Development
Fully-fledged development services to unlock business opportunities.
Scalability Tunning
Scaling and improving processes in a way that meets customer expectations.

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Taking seamless key performance indicators to maximise the long tail.
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Export & Share Reports
  • Up to 50 Users available
Taking seamless key performance indicators to maximise the long tail.
  • Full Analytics
  • Full Reports, API available
  • Unlimited Users
Taking seamless key performance indicators to maximise the long tail.
  • Basic Analytics
  • Export Reports
  • Up to 10 Users available

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100% Modifiable

Our real estate mobile app can be customized to incorporate specific or all property listing and rental specializations, whether it be for property listings, live auctions, or home rentals. Motivated to assist businesspeople in creating the upcoming major Zillow or Trulia clone.

PCI conformant

Guaranteed PCI compliance and tokenization make it possible for you to accept in-app purchases on your customized real estate mobile app without running afoul of the law.

Premade Scripts

We produce our bespoke real estate mobile app script from conception to deployment faster than any other real estate mobile app development businesses out there because of our unique pre-built IP solution.

Scalable and tidy design

Homely is the greatest Zillow clone software solution / online marketplace script currently available. It uses cutting-edge app container technology, clean coding techniques, and utilization of microservice architecture while simultaneously integrating safety & security measures on the app.

Multiple languages and currencies

Regardless of where you live or if you want your real estate smartphone app in Chinese, German, Arabic, or another language. Home.Ly can be used in any language and currency thanks to our real estate and property listing app development services.

Programs for loyalty, promotions, and referrals

Through the integration of referrals, promotions, and loyalty campaign elements during our real estate mobile app creation, you may increase the user base and overall retention of your distinctive real estate mobile app.

Design with SEO in Consideration

Every customized real estate mobile app solution we create stands out in both search engines and app stores thanks to our real estate app development firm.

App surveillance and chatbots

The first real estate app development method on the market to include chatbot integration and app monitoring services. ensuring that you can receive immediate performance updates on both your app’s performance during and after development.


Our adaptable real estate mobile app development services are not only dependable and scalable but also incredibly safe. Security for the entire real estate mobile app to each API is ensured via keychain, SSL-powered APIs, JWT, reverse proxy setup, etc.
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Extremely impressed with the outcomes of my branding. Helped me to grow my business in the long run. Thanks!

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Assertively iterate resource maximizing products after leading-edge intellectual capital developments.

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