B.I. Production Works

B.I. Production Works

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B.I. Production Works is a full-service equipment manufacturing and leasing services to the organizations. It helps organizations track, analyze, and improve their fleet operations. It offers a wide variety of industry-leading production vehicles—all delivered with unparalleled personalized service.  Also, offer top-of-the-line customized builds to meet your exact specifications. The main focus is always to serve the clients and how we can save them time and provide a noticeably better product. Ability to Assign Vehicles,  check inactive Vehicle, Change status, and add status to the calendar.

Project Description

B.I. Production works management system for fleet management. Where using this application Driver will get an assignment to Drop car from Home to Studio and Studio to Home. It will make easy for Driver to manage their work. They can fill the inspection form also mark a job as completed. Various Benefits like Record of Leasing Services, Repair, and Maintenance of inventory, Receive the Payments by Online Methods and  Proper Vehicle Management  System, etc.