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E- Viet app is a teaching language app. In-App, there are two teachers i.e. Vietnamese and English. The language is selected based on the user selection. Users to the app are required to create an account by using their email address, Gmail or Facebook to log in. The app will also store their previously search words After successfully register the app, An email notification will be sent to that address they created the account. If they selected Vietnamese, then the entire app will be English and If they selected English, then the entire app will be Vietnamese. It is similar to Google Translate.

Project Description

Each topic has 5 different learning methods: Flash Cards, Words Matching, Forming Sentences, Pronunciation, and Video Tutorials. The middle of the screen will indicate the following: Topics, Dictionary, Chat, and Find. Chat helps to users to contact teachers within the app and ask questions from teachers. Reward page will appear after that giving users their points gained upon completing their topic. Users can tap guide which will have GPS turn by turn navigation with different modes of transport, similar to Google Maps, and to get more information.