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HOME eHUB has been carefully designed and developed with home and property owners in mind. The purpose of HOME eHUB is to assist home and property owners to collect and store all important non-personal or personal information about their asset – IN ONE EASY TO ACCESS LOCATION. The home and investment property is everyone’s most valuable asset. It is most people’s biggest financial investment – Period! Despite the importance of such valuable assets, most of us do not maintain proper readily accessible information about our homes and properties. Collect and save your selections in one location ready to access at the click of a button. With the Warranty and Events Countdown features, HOME eHUB is your true partner in managing and tracking expiry dates, maintenance, and time allocation. Set and receive a real-time notification as Warranty on fixtures end and Event dates approach.

Project Description

Take full control of your home and properties with HOME eHUB. HOME eHUB has an awesome array of dashing features to assist you to give you full control over the management of your home or property. Protect your well-earned investments with an APP pack full of features. HOME eHUB has been simplified to provide maximum usage of all the features like Easily Accessible, User-Friendly Dashboard, Easy to Customise, Create Properties, Store Property Details, Warranty Countdown, Photos, send messages and contacts eHUB.