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The App that is for the Professional Photographer! With Key-Fi, you will create a simple slideshow that, when played on the client Key-Fi app, will not allow the client to screen capture the images from the slideshow. The Key-Fi Photographer App only works in conjunction with the Key-Fi Client App. The notification informs them of the copyright violation that they have just committed and that they are subject to any and all penalties that the photographer requires.

Project Description

Once you have their preferences, you have many options available for you available in the app:

•You can send them the digital files for download.
•You can use those preferences for an In-Person Sales appointment which will save everyone time.
•You can edit them and send them the edited files.
•You can print them up and either ship the prints to them or hand-deliver them yourself.

In today’s world, instant gratification is exceedingly prevalent and by using Key-Fi, you’re able to provide something very similar to your clients by showing them their images yet retaining the control that you don’t have elsewhere.