Soole Rides

Soole Rides

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Ride-sharing connecting riders and drivers going city to city with easy pickup points. Soole Rides providing transportation solutions by linking riders and drivers going to the same city hassle-free, the opportunity to control your time by using your smartphone at the convenience and comfort of your home. Riders, pay a fixed price with your debit card to secure your seats, get a confirmation, meet your driver at the pickup point and you are on the way. Drivers, recover the money you spend on petrol through Soole riders going to the same city.

Project Description

The interesting thing is that the factory is 45 minutes away from where he needed to find a vehicle. After researching the situation we realized that most of the vehicles at the park took a long period of time to get filled with passengers. Yet there were many private cars with lone drivers going in the direction he was going but would not lift passengers due to safety concerns. Conveniently, linking riders and drivers going to the same city at rates that everyone can afford.