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UPPERBAG is a Personal Stylist, Delivery, and Experimentation service for clothes to the metro cities. The products suitable to the customer’s profile are selected and sent in a bag for the customer to try and choose what to buy. The days and hours of delivery and pickup are all previously agreed between the company and customer by Whatsapp. you have doubts, take advantage of our service to resolve them, or check out our men’s fashion e-commerce with all the photos and values. There is more than 200 partner brands product.

Project Description

It’s basically an E-commerce Application. Payment can be made in cash, bank transfer, and credit card. For cash payments, the amount can be placed inside the suitcase, preferably in an envelope, and must be previously notified to the UPPERBAG team via WhatsApp. If you are not paying by cash or there is no communication of payment by bank transfer, the registered card will be debited in the exact amount of items purchased, upon prior notice to the customer by WhatsApp.All freight costs are consumable when purchasing Bag products. The value of clothes and accessories varies between R $ 19 and R $ 790, with an average ticket of R $ 119.If the customer does not like any product, the freight charge that has not been used is accumulated for use in future bags. Once registered, within 4 working days, your Upperbag attendant will contact you via WhatsApp from the cell phone left in the registration.